masks and props

Those masks were made for different puporses. Some for fun and pleasure, other for characters in the movies.

In the constructin  proces I used different techniques.Some of them are made with wire construction underneath and then filled the gaps with duch tape until the desired shape was acheaved and at the end painted with acrilic or some spray.


The second method was by using just cardroard and paper with duch tape to make a shape of the charachter. Started with hard cardboard stripes taped together in some sort of a wireframe and later on filled with paper or tiner cardboard. Finished with a layer of acrilic paint. 


The third proces of work is based on a model made in different ways. Roughly with wires and cardboard or  from a combination of other shapes transformed into a model. The second part consisted of puting many layers of glue and paper above the basic shape until the desired result is achieved. The final step was a leyer of paint. 

Some of the masks has a different final touch. They are covered with clothes to achieve more realistic texture. For the teeth parts metalic was used, covered with duch tape.